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     SEARCH   -  Click on thumbnail to the left or to go to our Destiny Online Catalog.  Look up your topic.

SEARCH TERMS:  Some suggestions include:  1920s; nineteen twenties; the twenties.  There are different ways to write it.

You can also do a Power Search (Boolean) for multiple terms at once, such as:  
(Subject): 1920*

(Subject): nineteen twenties
(Subject): the twenties.  
By using the operator OR you are saying you will accept results for any and all of those search terms.

Another option:  Power Search using the operator AND, which is saying you want only results that include both of those search terms, for example:

(Subject): 1920*
(Keyword): music  

This will bring you items on music in the 1920s.  You may want to try it a second time using a different term for the nineteen twenties.

Remember - the asterisk * after a term means you accept results from that term, with any ending.



1. General Encyclopedias – these are good for background information.   Look in our Special Reference Section.  Use the set index.

2. Look in the REFERENCE 920s.  These are biographical resources.  Browse for appropriate resources for your topic. There are some single volume reference biography books, or try looking at our collective biography sets, as follows:

REF 920 DIC                Dictionary of World Biography

REF 920 ENC               Encyclopedia of World Biography            

REF 920 MAT              Complete American Presidents Sourcebook

REF 920 MCG              (McGill's) Encyclopedia of World Biography

REF 920.0092 CON      Contemporary Black Biography

REF 920.02 UXL          UXL Encyclopedia of World Biography                      

            REF 920.03 CUR          Current Biography Yearbooks (Use cumulative index volume)

            REF 920.073 MAG       Great Lives from History

            REF 920.073 SCR        The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives

REF 923.73 DIC           Dictionary of American Biography

REF 920.73 LEW          American Characters:  Selections from the National Portrait Gallery


A. You may browse through the following sections of the library: 

REFERENCE AND NON-FICTION in the 973s.  These are books on American History. 

B.  For selected titles: we especially recommend the REFERENCE Books/sets below:

    REF 352.23 KAN            Facts about the Presidents
      REF 353.03 DUR            The Presidents of the United States
      REF 353.03 MAG           The American Presidents
      REF 364 CRI                  The Illustrated Crime Encyclopedia
      REF 909.82 DAY            Day by Day, The Twenties
      REF 909.82 MOD           Great Events from History: Modern Scandals 1904-2008
      REF 973 ADA                 Album of American History
      REF 973 ALB                 An Album for Americans
      REF 973 AME                American History by Era
      REF 973 AME                American History Illustrated
      REF 973 ANG               The American Reader: from Columbus to today
      REF 973 GRO               American Scene
      REF 973 HAK               A History of US
      REF 973 MAK               Makers of America
      REF 973 MCC               Record of America
      REF 973 PAG               Pageant of America
      REF 973 SMI                A People’s History of the United States
      REF 973 TIM                Life History of the United States
      REF 973.03 ADA         Dictionary of American History
      REF 973.03 DIC          Dictionary of American History
      REF 973.099 MOS      Profiles in American History
      REF 973.8 AME           American Eras
      REF 973.9 AME           American Decades: Primary Sources
      REF 973.9 AME           America in the 20th Century
      REF 973.9 BOW          Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20thCentury America 
      REF 973.9 TIM            This Fabulous Century (Pictorial history)   
      REF 973.9 TWE           20th Century America
      REF 973.9 TWE           20th Century America
      REF 973.91 TWE         The Twenties in America
      REF 973.91 US            USA Twenties
      REF 973.92 AME         American Decades
      REF 973.92 CUL         A Cultural History of the U.S. through the Decades
      REF 973.923 EPS       20TH Century Pop Culture

STACK OF DECADES - ask at the Reference Desk
REF 338.5 DER - The Value of A Dollar
SPEC REF 973 ANN    The Annals of America (Primary Documents)
390 MAR Follies and Foibles: A View of 20th Century Fads (NOTE: This is in Non-fiction, not in Reference)


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