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Click on the icon below for a Destiny Quest overview.  


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There are two ways to search:

1. Basic Search:  In the Find box type the title, author or subject of the book you want.  Click GO.


2. Advanced Search: Click on Advanced Search in the toolbar at the top of the page.  

a. Using the toggle-down arrows, you can determine whether you want to do a Keyword Search, Title, Author, etc.  

b. You type your desired terms in the search boxes.

c. You can even tell Destiny Quest what you DON'T want in your search or that you want to limit your search to only certain categories (like reading level).  

d. This type of searching gives you the most control.



1.  Click on the icon in the box to the left and view the video on How to Use Destiny Quest (volume on high).

2. Go to Start > Programs > Library > South Library Catalog or click here to go directly to Destiny.

3. Log in (use your normal computer login).

4. On the left-hand menu, click on Destiny Quest.

5. On the toolbar at the top of the page, click on the link to My Info.  This will show you any activity you have on your account, like books checked out and due dates.

6. Now look at the Activities Box Below and proceed with those tasks.


Activity I - Your personal book shelves:  Search for a book(s) you have already read.  (See searching instructions to the left).  When your results come up, drag that book(s) into your HAVE READ book shelf on the right of the page.

Activity II - Adding Friends: On the toolbar click on the link to MyQuest.  On the left-hand menu, click on Friends. Type in the last name of the friend you want to add.  Then send your request.  The other person will receive it as a request that s/he may accept or deny.  Check to see who has asked to Friend you.  You may also accept or deny the request.  Check on Preferences in the MyQuest box at the left of the page to decide on your account settings and how you will receive notifications from friends.

Activity III - Making a recommendation  On the toolbar click on the link to MyQuest.  On the left-hand menu, click on Shelf: Have Read.  The book(s) you have read will come up in a window. Click on the link to Recommend. Select the Friends to whom you wish to recommend the book. Write up your recommendation.

Activity IV - Rating a book and writing a review:   There are two ways you can do this.

1. Once you have opened your Shelf: Have Read, decide which book you want to rate and review.  Click on the white stars and open a window.  There you may choose how many stars you give this book.  You may also add your review in the comment box

2. may click on the book cover and open up a window with a number of options.  There, you can rate the book and write a review.  Click on the stars to rate; and open the Review tab to write your review. Click on Add a Review and type in the box.

Activity V - Finding other books you like  Click on the book cover (or icon) of a book you really enjoyed. This will open a window w/ various options.  At the bottom right of the page, see other titles of books that you might also like to read.  You may click on any one to see a summary and some other information about the book as well as if there are reviews from other readers about it.

Activity VI - Your book for today:  Now look up the book you chose for today's reading selection. You will be able to read a summary about this book and see if anyone rated it or wrote a review.  If you are sure this is the book you want to pick, drag it into the NOW READING book shelf on the right of the page. If there are other books that have your interest for future reading, follow the same procedure, but drag the selection(s) into the WANT TO READ book shelf on the right of the page.  Now go up to the circulation desk and check out the book you chose to read now.

Activity VII - Having a book discussion on Destiny Quest: In order to have a 'threaded' discussion about a book on Destiny Quest, you would just click on the book's cover icon and then rate the book and add your review to the other(s) already there.  You may comment on what the other person(s) said, or just add your own opinion.

Activity VIII -  Destiny Quest home page: In the toolbar, click on Quest Home. There you may view the top ten books, the current resource lists and the newest arrivals.

Logout:  When you have completed all of the activities above, be sure to log out of your Destiny Quest account (click Logout in the toolbar).  OR if you wish to go back to Destiny basic, just click on Exit  in the toolbar.   HINT: Before you log out, check your MyQuest Friends link to see if anyone else asked to friend you!


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